Why E-Commerce?

E-commerce sale is escalating far faster than offline retail, capitalizing on a price-sensitive and web-savvy consumer base.

Individuals are now comfortable buying online and have high expectations for a compelling online experience. However, the good news for retailers is that the pillars of a great consumer experience – friend referrals and recommendations, a fun shopping environment and a vibrant community, is also translating into superior customer economics.

Benefit to Brands

Expands market reach with minimum capital investment

Helps to monitor consumers' buying habit and interest

From online retail to digital marketing services and portfolio management

Easy representation in Indian market and access to a huge consumer base.

Leverage a unique online retail experience with Amerex Portal.

Concerns & Issues

When it comes to implementing e-commerce, there are several hurdles which organizations have to cross.

It is important for brands and consumers to understand the impediments so that they can maintain their own security. However we at Amerex, try our best to manage our customer’s security and offer the most reliable services.

Security Risk

Amerex understands that managing internet security is a never-ending process. Since no system is completely safe, Amerex is committed to ensuring that your privacy is always protected.

Lack of skilled personnel
Lack of skilled

Skilled professionals are needed to manage and maintain a customer interface. Amerex understands the importance of outsourcing in handling the lack of expertise within an organization.

Lack of information
Lack of

The use of internet as a marketing tool and its effectiveness for the conduct of commerce is sometimes uncertain. Amerex studies market trends, understands user demographics, and conducts prior research before taking any step.

Legal Issues

Unauthorized sources often knowingly deceive the consumer by telling them that the product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. They may also attempt to provide warranty service by repairing product themselves. Amerex warns users against this sort of fraudulent activities.